Orico Βάση Φόρτισης – Μαύρο (SH4C2-BK)


Orico Βάση φόρτισης – Μαύρο (SH4C2-BK)


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Turn Surface to desktop

As a multifunction USB hub, SH4C2 connects your Surface to keyboards, mice, headphones, hard drives, stereos, U-disks and other USB-enabled devices, which lets you enjoy not only portable working but powerful performance the same as desktop.
* Match with ORICO HD adapter or purchase universal docking station U3HV-S2 to expand screen

4 SuperSpeed USB3.0 ports
Transfer rate up to 5 Gbps

4 SuperSpeed USB3.0 ports provide an easy and reliable connection with a transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps, greatly improving work efficiency. Free to connect hard drives, bluetooth speakers, keyboards, mice and other kinds of equipments as required, plug and play.

5.1 sound channel output
Enjoy beautiful melody

Stunning 5.1 surround sound brings lossless quality voice for Surface / Win 8. Extended audio satisfies multi-tone usage requirements of tuners and couples in daily life.

Charging cradle of cellphones and tablets
Fully charge iPhone in 2 hours

Featuring intelligent current-transformation, compatibility and protection, SH4C2 can be used as charging cradle of cellphones and tablets, which is equipped with 2 USB charging ports able to detect and deliver ideal input current each time of up to 2.4A, and that iPhone is fully charged in 2 hours.

70°angle of elevation pedestal
Comfortable angle accords with ergonomics

With 70°angle of elevation conforming to ergonomics, SH4C2 presents your Surface, smartphone and tablet from a optimal perspective, which brings you a lot of fun and comfortable experience for work or entertainment.

Great craft beyond imagination

SH4C2 whose smooth chassis is made of high-intensity fireproof material and crafted rubber paint, perfectly matches your devices, an amazing accessory on your desk.

Αρ. Θυρών USB : 6
Εξωτερικές θύρες : USB 3.0
Υλικό : ABS πλαστικό
Ένδειξη LED : Ναι
Εξ. Ταχύτητα μεταφοράς : Έως 5Gbps
Τροφοδοσία : DC12V
Παροχή : 5V2,4A | 5V1A
Μήκος Καλωδίου : 1 μέτρο

Part Number:  ORI-SH4C2-BK

EAN/UPC:  6954301129387

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