Orico Βάση φόρτισης – Μαύρο (OPC-4US-BK)


Orico Βάση φόρτισης – Μαύρο (OPC-4US-BK)


Κατόπιν παραγγελίας


Ενημέρωση Επόμενης Παραλαβής

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 73-OPC-4US-BK Κατηγορία:


High – power output
Four ports running at full speed without pressure

It has 34W power output that can make sure you charge 4 smartphones or 2 tablets + 2 smartphones simultaneously at full speed. Wherein 4 ports output can reach to 2.4A, so your family and friends will share in charging together but not crowded. Imported components, precision welding, efficient charging no heat, charging more peace of mind.

Intelligent identification chip
Appropriate current – do not hurt the phone

Most of chargers has been adopted constant current output on the market, as we know, different devices need different currents in different charging period. They may charge your smart equipments, but will erode your phone, tablet gradually. However, ORICO integrates into a new dual-core Intelligent charging chip, automatically identifies power bank, mobile phone, tablet, bluetooth bracelet and other equipments. Beyond that, it can be intelligently compatible with or automatically match the appropriate current, fast charging while not hurt the phone.

Intelligent fast charge
Fully charged in 2 hours

ORICO OPC-4US as a charger charges mobile phones, tablets and other devices, its 4 USB charging ports max support up to 2.4A device that automatically match the required current for fast charging, and fully charge iPhone in 2 hours, which greatly save your time cost.

Comfortable elevation hands free
Video / viewing, easy to enjoy

It adopts scientific placing groove angle that is ergonomically comfortable bracket elevation, coordinates with seismic mat, more stable placed, more convenient experience. You never need to endure the pain by holding your phone to watching movies, video chat. Releasing your hands, enjoying a comfortable life.

Superb craftsmanship

This charger is made of high density fireproof material, surface matte process, fireproof and scratch resistant, texture extraordinary. Moreover, it is integrated into aesthetic design, simple, sleek, ergonomic. But just that, its LED indicator always shows charging status to you.

Multiple protection, excellent and useful

Built-in multi protection safety system ensures complete protection from electrical short circuit, over heat, over voltage, over charging, over current and etc. Easy to enjoy reliable, safe, fast charging!

Αρ. Θυρών USB : 4
Υλικό : ABS πλαστικό
Παροχή : 5V2,4A| 5V1A
Προστασία Κυκλώματος : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπερφόρτωση : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπέρταση : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπερθέρμανση : Ναι

Part Number:  ORI-OPC-4US-BK

EAN/UPC:  6954301127307

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Βάρος 200 g


18 Μήνες