Orico Βάση Φόρτισης – Μαύρο (DUB-10P-BK)


Orico Βάση φόρτισης – Μαύρο (DUB-10P-BK)


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 73-DUB-10P-BK Κατηγορία:


Charging center in public
Professional charging station in electronic era

Do you still doubt the efficiency of multi-device charging? Have you had enough of cellphone or tablet heating while charging? With high-power load capacity, DUB-10P keeps a better charging status when charging, which is equipped with strong power adapter, no more heating for electronic devices.

Efficiently charging, no damage
Super Charger™ intelligent charging technology

Integrated with new Super Charger™ intelligent charging technology, ORICO DUB-10P enables each port to detect and deliver ideal current of up to 2.4A, protecting attached devices from damage while fast charging. Multi-port charging brings you convenience for daily life.

Compatible with tablet / cellphone / power bank

ORICO DUB-10P can automatically recognize iPad and other 5V digital devices, quickly charge ten tablets or cellphones simultaneously whether in the office or waiting room.

Safe and reassuring

ORICO DUB-10P is equipped with 96W power adapter, which turns high voltage to safe voltage for human, greatly decreasing clutter and instantaneous voltage fluctuation’s damage to cellphone and tablet’s battery.

Your desktop charging expert

Built in two anti-slip mats and equipped with 5Ft / 1.5M detachable power cord, ORICO DUB-10P intelligent charger can be placed on any desktop to complement charging port whether at home or in the office.

Superior performance all the time

Made of high strength ABS material, ORICO DUB-10P desktop charger can handle kinds of conditions, featuring heat resistance, high toughness, corrosion resistance and high heat dispersion.

Αρ. Θυρών USB : 10
Ένδειξη LED : Ναι
Παροχή : 5V2,4A
Προστασία Κυκλώματος : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπερφόρτωση : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπέρταση : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπερθέρμανση : Ναι

Part Number:  ORI-DUB-10P-BK

EAN/UPC:  6954301127529

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Βάρος 200 g


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