Orico Βάση Φόρτισης – Λευκό (DUB-6P-WH)


Orico Βάση φόρτισης – Λευκό (DUB-6P-WH)


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Be born only for charge
ORICO 6 ports desktop multifunction smart charger

ORICO DUB-6P is integrated to new components technology in the market. Creative and thoughtful, this desktop charger, your optimal partner.

The new 6-core smart charging
Super charger intelligent charging technology

DUB-6P adopts ORICO exclusive Super Charger intelligent charging technology. It can automatically identify the required current, efficiently charging while protecting equipment from damage. Easy your life.

High-power, easy and multiple

72W high-power output, you can fast charge 6 tablets or cellphones simultaneously. Efficient charge and low heat, charging safer and more relieved.

Unfettered, your desktop charging expert
5Ft. detachable power cord

ORICO DUB-6P, a smart charger for desktop, equips with two rubber bottom mat and 5Ft / 1.5M detachable power cord. You can easily place it in any desktop and enjoy charging together with your family members, friends.

Safe charging mechanism
Suitable for using in worldwide

It can be used with power of notebook, also change different interfaces, global universal. What’s more, its voltage will be converted to two times during the charging process (High voltage to 12V to 5V).

Consistent safety performance

ORICO DUB-6P is made of ABS high-strength engineering materials. You can easily cope with various conditions, high heat resistance, high toughness, high corrosion resistance.

Αρ. Θυρών USB : 6
Ένδειξη LED : Ναι
Παροχή : 5V2,4A
Προστασία Κυκλώματος : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπερφόρτωση : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπέρταση : Ναι
Προστασία Από Υπερθέρμανση : Ναι

Part Number:  ORI-DUB-6P-WH

EAN/UPC:  6954301127482

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