Orico Card Reader IR3501


Orico Card Reader IR3501


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4K HD era, reading more quickly
All in one, directly connected to the motherboard

ORICO IR3501, a floppy multifunctional stand, is customized for photographers, high-definition players, digital enthusiasts. It has USB3.0 reader and USB3.0 expansive features. What’s more, it directly connects with 20PIN motherboard, whose copy performance is increased by 50% than traditional high-speed reader. More powerful and convenient.

Remarkable speed, significantly reduce business time

It adopts GL USB3.0 solution and expansion by directly connecting with motherboard, as well ORICO USB3.0 transmission optimization experience for many years, reducing your transferring time, more practical and faster.

High quality, tailor-made for people of photography

ORICO IR3501 is designed for these people that be engaged in photography, video, Duke, data storage and interaction, which not only meets the expansion needs of PC DIY full performance, but also coordinates with other extension such as ORICO 1106SS, raid card, unit managers, etc.

Advanced technology, exquisite workmanship

It adopts high-end superficial wiredrawing process, which has excellent impact resistance and can effectively prevent fingerprints. It is the perfect companion for your computer’s chassis.

Embed your computer’s chassis, bring more extensions

Installing idle floppy drive of your PC chassis, just needing 4 steps, you can easily enjoy data read and efficiently interactive audio – visual entertainment at any time.

Full range of high-speed card support

Built-in memory cards have become an essential information storage media. ORICO IR3501, a expansive card reader with high speed and powerful performance, will be your great choice.

Αρ. Θυρών USB : 1
Εξωτερικές θύρες : USB 3.0
Ένδειξη LED : Ναι
Υποστηρίζει : Windows/Mac/Linux
Εξ. Ταχύτητα μεταφοράς : Έως 5Gbps
Αρ. Θυρών Καρτών : 6
Τύποι Καρτών : SD/TF/CF/M2/MS/MD

Part Number:  ORI-IR3501

EAN/UPC:  6954301125433

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